Natural Ingredients

Our premier line of sugar wax, Wax Me With Sugar draws from an ancient recipe that is modernized to create a high quality sugar wax that is safe, hygienic and easy to use. Concocted with all natural ingredients, our sugar wax offers a more gentle and comfortable waxing experience. As the sugar ingredients dissolve in water, it is extremely easy to clean up after. The sugar wax does not adhere to the wet live skin cells, thereby exfoliating only the dead skin cells and removing unwanted hair. The end results – less discomfort, softer and smoother skin and longer lasting results; a sure-shot  recommendation for people with sensitive skin.

Easy Clean Up With Water

Longer Lasting Results

The Gentle Alternative


Professional Shimmer

Lauded for its superior skin benefits by ancient Romans themselves and used by the likes of Cleopatra, the gold hydrates, moisturizes and tightens skin, setting the stage for a royal waxing session! Recommended for coarse hair.


Size: 500g, OEM Available



Organic Sugar Wax

This versatile sugar wax may be used twoways with either our advanced “Spread &Flick” Technique or by the traditional “Spread & Strip” method. This is definitely a must have for any professional salon or spa.


Size: 500g, OEM Available



Traditional Roll On


A must-have for the speedy gonzales. This speed - waxing accomplice is best suited for large areas such as legs, chest, arms and back areas.


Available in: Chocolate, Cream

Size: 100ml, OEM Available


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